-Create new content

Create new content with eXeLearning EPUB Edition:

Windows | Ubuntu Linux | Mac (Recommended for Mac: Android File Transfer for Mac)

-Use content offline

Offline content playback:

Android | Feature Phones: Java Micro Edition


-Can I host the software on my own server?

Yes. If you have the technical capacity, you can choose to host the software yourself on your own server.

-Do I have to host the software on my own server?

No, we can take care of that for you. If you want to keep the total operating expenses as low as possible, you can choose to host the software on Ustad Mobile’s cloud: maintenance, backup and security are all taken care of.

-How much do cloud hosting plans cost?

Less than $1 / month per class.

-Does it really work offline?

Yes. You can also distribute content offline between devices with peer-to-peer sharing. Usage time, learner progress and digitized paper records are logged offline and uploaded to a cloud server when a connection is available.

-What if I decide I don’t want to use Ustad Mobile anymore? Will my content be stuck in the app? Will I be stuck?

No, you can export your content as an EPUB file or a TinCan zip file with one click and run free.

-What if I’d like to keep my own branding and identity?

Not a problem. We can create a custom white label solution for you.

-What do I need to track attendance with Ustad Mobile?

-One Android phone per school: Normally $65-100 USD (expected to last 2-3 years).
-One small mobile data bundle per school: Normally $2-4 USD per month, per school.
-Fingerprint verification (optional): We recommend the FIPS 201 compliant, FAP 20 compliant, IP65 certified Secugen Hamster Pro 20 available commercially for around $70-$80 USD.
-Printed attendance sheets: 1 laminated sheet per class.