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A learning management system designed from the ground up to work where others struggle: unreliable internet connection, not enough devices? No problem!

Record Keeping

With Ustad Mobile teachers can simply snap a picture of a paper sheet or tap it in directly if they have a device. Data is instantly captured. Fingerprint and voice authentication can be used to verify attendance.

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Content Delivery

Create and deliver content with text, images, audio and video to teachers and students; even those who use old color screen candybar style phones. Track usage time and quiz scores. Use standard EPUB files or TinCan exports.

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Works fast and offline; then uploads results when a connection is available. Only a 2G mobile phone signal is required to upload data.


Use existing hardware with optional low cost open hardware based fingerprint scanners. 100% open source software.

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$416.87: Average per child per year budget in developing countries*

Tracking results, let alone improving results in education in remote and low incomes areas is difficult. When buying new technology the cost of the device is just a fraction of the total costs: training, maintenance and connectivity cost money, too.

That's why Ustad Mobile's attendance and result tracking system is built so that it needs only one smartphone per school. Teachers who may or may not be smartphone users can just snap a picture of an attendance sheet, gradebook or exam paper and the data is automatically captured. That brings real time data with optional biometrics that can deliver the transparency stakeholders seek without excessive extra overhead costs.

Learning content can be delivered to teachers and students: without requiring Internet and without requiring a smartphone. We support the 3 billion Java enabled feature phones currently in use, too. You can use content made in the open source eXeLearning authoring tool or any other EPUB / TinCan authoring tool.
* Education Costs per Child | Global Partnership for Education

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